Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tooth Update

This week I had two separate visits to the dentist, and I have one coming up next week. This week I had my last two fillings filled, one on the bottom right and one on the bottom left. My whole lower jaw was numb. They went quick and smooth. However, I had not been cleared to have the gas, so I was on valium for this procedure. Over the past few months I've been to the dentist several times. Once I had the gas. Twice I took valium. I prefer the gas.

Two days later, I had the first half of my cleaning. They cleaned the right half of my teeth. They numbed me up on that side of my mouth and went to work. That little water thing is high-pitched and whiny. The dental hygienist did have to put an extra needle or two into me. She used more anesthetic, because it went from pressure to pain at one point. But I didn't have to suffer through it on valium. I don't think that I would have been able to get through it with just the pill. My neurologist cleared me for the gas, so I used that.

After my cleaning, my teeth felt better. I wish hey had done the left half at the same time as the right. Then I'd be doing even better than now.

I have had a root canal and one filling, wisdom teeth extraction, four more fillings, and a cleaning. After next week I'll finally finish getting my mouth back to a healthy place. I've learned my lesson. Brushing and flossing are necessary. The other thing is that I am looking for dental insurance for the four of us. I'd rather have the insurance and be able to get the basics done when they should be. It is far more cost effective than leaving it until I have to go back and back and back again.

I'll keep you updated on what's going on with that, but other things are coming up as well. I have a WIC appointment and my final tooth appointment this week. I'll post about that later. I'm also looking into going back to school to get my teaching certificate; I'll keep you updated on that.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Henry's New Schedule

Henry finishing his breakfast bottle
Since Henry's One Year Well Baby appointment is coming up, I have to write out his schedule so that if the doctor asks about sleeping amounts or times, or eating amounts or times I can offer her the answers easily. I thought I'd share it since I have to write it out anyway.

8:30am - Wake up at or before this time. We get dressed in day time clothes and go down to breakfast. Henry inhales an 8 ounce bottle and often eats a few ounces of cereal or fruit. I usually stop him at 12 ounces if he doesn't tell me he is full.

After breakfast we play together for a bit, and then he goes into his walker or his play pen while I do some work.

10:30am to 11:00am - Nap time starts. I change his diaper and put him down when he begins to get fussy and sleepy.

12:00pm to 1:30pm - He usually wakes up on his own after one and a half or two hours. I let him play for a few minutes in his crib before going to get him. If he isn't up after three hours I go to wake him up and usually find him playing so quietly it isn't setting off the monitor.

For lunch he has another eight ounce bottle. In addition he has a four ounce package of baby food. If he didn't have fruits earlier he gets those now. If he did have some fruit with breakfast then he gets vegetables. Sometimes he drinks some of his bottle while eating his food, and some days he doesn't even finish his bottle now.

3:00pm to 4:00pm - He is usually awake for a little bit less time for this wake up period, and wants to go to sleep about now. I put him down again for another one to two hours. He rarely sleeps all the way to three hours when I would go to get him.

5:00pm - 6:00pm - This is his dinner time. He eats a full solid meal. He gets a five ounce baby meal and a fruit or a vegetable. I try to balance it out. If he didn't finish his milk earlier he is offered the milk again, and usually finishes it. If he has finished it, then he gets offered some water in a sippy cup. Afterward he is given one baby cookie for the day.

He usually plays through until bedtime.

7:00pm - I try to offer him another bottle. This is especially true if he starts to get fussy. He usually drinks it down very quickly, but often leaves an ounce or so in the bottle.

7:30pm - We start the bedtime routine. We watch two sections of baby signs, and do them together. We say the words and do the signs, and use the words in sentences. Then we watch one story of Rugrats, which is about ten minutes, and he usually plays through the episode.

8:30pm - By this time he is usually in bed for the night. He generally sleeps through the night. However, lately he has been waking up once a night. I resettle him and he sleeps through until 8 or 8:30 the next morning.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Saturday's Feast

Saturday was Winter Nights, and we had a first fit for the holiday. Even Granny made something for the meal. We had a bottle of mead that we opened for the occasion, none of these who tried it thought it tasted that good. The apple cider was a whole lot better. It had more flavor than the mead.

We had a beef roast. For once the roast held together enough that we had to slice it. I cooked it with some of the tomatoes from Granny's garden, as well as tomato sauce and mushrooms.

Robert made his Scandinavian Peas. This dish is always delicious. This time, he made them from half frozen and half canned peas. Will made stuffing; simple, but tasty. Granny's contributed deviled eggs. For dessert I made brownies.

Henry tried a little bit of everything. He loved the peas and carrots, but the stuffing and the meat baffled him He adored the egg. It created a huge mess, but most of it did go into his mouth.

The next feast day will be Thanksgiving. That will be delicious as well. I hope I have a chance to print.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Very Full Football

Robert made both the Junior Varsity and the Varsity teams for football this year. This meant that he was going to two games a week. It wore him out, but he's only got one game left. Unfortunately, we cannot attend it because of distance.

The bad things about football this year were two fold. Even though he made the roster for varsity football, he didn't get to play in any game until the one Friday night. Secondly, because of all my health issues we were not able to attend many of the games. Plus, as the weather got cold we missed some because Henry wasn't ready to be out in the cold yet.

However, I do have some pictures of the games. This is one of the few pictures I got of his varsity game. He is number 28. Yes, he is in the picture in blue.

For more pictures, mostly of JV games, please see the whole Football 2016 album.

Please don't ask about their record, just be happy that Robert enjoyed playing.

One more year of football pictures next year. Hopefully, we'll have a better time of getting pictures.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Henry's Wishlist

Henry's birthday is coming up. There are several things that Will and I have put on his wish list, or even that he has put there himself by looking at them repeatedly in the stores.

Bath toys are at the top of the list. He only has a single rubber ducky, a Viking one.* He's too young for the stick to the wall toys. The lowest age I've seen on those is 2 years old. However, I would love some stacking toys for the bath and some more animals or ducks to play with in the bath. The floating octopus says that it is for eighteen months and over, but he would be supervised. If he is too young for it, we will hold it until he does hit an appropriate level for it.

He is also at the stage where he can hang on and walk around, but he would love to be able to take off. He's just not quite confident of himself yet. So a push walker would help him feel more confident, and let us eventually get rid of the sit-and-stand walker we have now. If winter was not setting in, then I'd want to get him something like a convertible trike. If he had a little more language skills and was a slightly stronger walker then I'd think about getting him a shopping cart to push around at the grocery store. However, those often list as 2 years and up.

He also really likes books. One of the ones that I really like is Day Dreamers by Emily Winfield Martin. He's not ready for fancy books, even the ones with flaps get torn up. However, board books and soft books are great fun for him. Halloween books, dinosaurs, and robots seem to draw his attention right now.

Of course, Henry also needs some new toy-toys to play with as well. Lego Duplos are still a little bit old for him. I remember some of the doors and windows have small chokable pieces. My First Builders would be good though. He could start learning to put things together instead of just taking them apart. The Fisher Price Little People sets are, in my opinion, better than the VTech Go! Go! sets for two reasons. The first is the price, and the second is the batteries required.

We will be having his birthday party at the end of the month, and I'll share what we got for him then.

*Will received it for working at an SCA event in the Stronghold of Hellsgate. Thank you, again, to that unknown helpful soul. It is one of Henry's favorite toys.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Hammer Hit

It hit my head so hard. A hammer, hard
And fast came doctor's driving words. Then I
Just sat and cried alone, so bad a card
Was I just dealt. All I could ask was, "Why?"

Disease that strikes with no warning lives
Inside me now. A specter rises dark
And looming in the gloom. Here it deprives
My body's health and mental spark.

But then a hope - the specialist, she says
"It's not just yet." A long recovery
Rolls out before me - six weeks, but joys fizz.
Each day a few more scraps of darkness flee.

But still the same disease will loom, will haunt.
And I will stand and fight it. Leave it gaunt.

This is how I felt over the few days that were really bad. If you wonder what I'm talking about read the previous blog post. I wanted to get some of the emotions out, and this is the best, least whiney way to do that.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Another Month, Another Update

Another Month Skipped

I had such high hopes for September, but so many things happened that were not in the plan. I ended up skipping the whole month, and getting ready to write for October blogs means that I’m also preparing for NaNoWriMo.

Here’s what happened in September. I was recovering from my Wisdom teeth removal at the last update, shortly after that, a cold swept through the house. Henry had it first. He was very clingy for a few days, threw up and then was fine. Will got it and it knocked him down. That’s surprising for a cold, he usually just gets the sneezles when the rest of us are in bed moaning. So I knew it would be a bad one when I caught it next. About a week of not wanting to do anything other than sleep, and even struggling to take care of the baby was not fun.

I had a single day to feel “Yay, I’m kicking the cold. I’ll be better in a few days.”
The next day I felt like I had a massive headache slamming through my skull. The following day the headache was only over the left eye right in the sinus area. The problem didn’t leave. In fact, my eyesight started to dim and sparkle throughout the day. Only in my left eye, the same one that was feeling like a headache.

When the vision did not return with the morning, I made an appointment with my regular doctor.

My regular doctor sent me to the Emergency Room because to request the MRI and various tests would take several days. She didn’t want to risk the problem being irreversible. It was the least pain I’ve been in for a trip to the emergency room. It was also the second-fastest time they have taken me to the back. (Stomach pain got me back there faster for my gull bladder surgery.)
ER did an MRI. The worst thing was that they put the IV in my right elbow so they could shoot me up with contrast dye.

When the MRI results came back, I was alone in the ER. Mom was home with Henry, and Will was picking up Robert from football practice. The doctor told me that I had multiple sclerosis. That the immediate treatment was an IV drip of steroids, and that I would be seeing a neurologist the following day.

Tears flowed freely down my cheeks. They called the chaplain to come and sit with me.

They gave me the IV steroids and sent me home with the IV port in my arm because I had to return for two more steroid drips on the following two days (one day, one drip, for three injections total).
We went to see the neurologist. She had good news. I did not have MS. She was diagnosing me with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. Lots of big fancy words that translate into “fast acting widespread brain/spine inflammation,” at least that’s what I got out of it. She is going to monitor me for two years, and I’ll post an update every time I go to the doctor. She also wanted me to see an ophthalmologist (fancy eye doctor).

The eye doctor ran several tests. I was in her office for about four hours getting moved around and sent different places for different things to look at and into. Her conclusion was that she wants me to come back in three weeks, but there isn’t a lot that she can do until the swelling finishes retreating.

Again, I’ll try to post an update when I go back to see her.

As of now, the ADEM is passing. It is unlikely to reoccur, and most of my eyesight is already back. That should continue to heal over the next several weeks. Finally, MS is still a future possibility.

Hopefully, it is not one that I ever need to confront.

I hope to continue writing more over the next few weeks. I hope to share some poetry, some things with Henry, and Robert. Also, share some world-building for NaNoWriMo that is just over the horizon.

If you have questions or comments, please share them. If you have posts, you would like to see I’d love to write them up, just share them in the comments.